We have undertaken over 80,000 examinations and we serve over 20,000 people a year.

Thirty years of experience and trust
It has been over 30 years since our establishment. We are the designated healthcare agency by many health insurance societies and thus our medical system is deeply trusted by companies around Roppongi and Akasaka area. We are also experienced in health examination for foreign companies.
Connection with university hospitals
We have a close connection with university hospitals and we are making maximun use of it to gurantee the consistency of examination and treatment.
rofessional support by experts
We give priority to companies and we offer professional support by medical experts. We also make changes to the examination program based on the characteristics of the work and we will come up with the best plan and the most reasonable fee.
Support in Chinese and English
We offer support in Chinese and English from reservation to examination, including various kinds of reports and inquiries on telephone.

An Introduction to Various Examination Courses

Type of Examination Courses Detail
Regular medical checkup This examination is carried out as a periodic medical checkup or when hired according to System for Safety and Health Management and to maintain health for company employees.
Specific medical checkup
(Metabolic syndrome checkup)
We started providing this examination nine years ago from the prospective of preventing lifestyle related diseases.
We will give specified health advices to you based on your abdominal girth, BMI, blood pressure, blood sugar, lipid and whether you smoke. It is a brand new medical examination system.
Lifestyle related disease checkup This examination is carried out to prevent lifestyle related diseases, maintain health and increase the consciousness of health management as a part of health service.
There are many characteristics as to the examinaton subjects, such as total cholesterol being excluded.
Also, penalties (contributions to latter-stage elderly healthcare system) are established for insurers based on the rate of consultation and improvement.
We give specified health guidance such as active support, motivational support and information provision.
Company medical checkup This examination is called as a “full health check”, which is more advanced and specified than normal medical checkups.
Therefore, it’s disease detection rate is higher.