Medical checkups in Ark Hills Clinic

Gynecological examinations will be carried out by female doctors.
We establish every Monday and Wednesday to be women’s day and there will be gynecological examinations carried out by female doctors.
An experienced medical team
Over 20,000 patients come to our clinic every year and we have signed contracts with about 500 companies.
We double check the results and our experienced medical team makes advanced and specialized judgment.
Follow-up provided
If you need to enter a hospital after examinations, we will offer follow-ups by specialists.
Dental examination will be provided
All of our courses will provide you with a dental examination. You can have a dental examination for free in the same day. If you have any dental problems such as tooth decay or periodontitis,
we will check it for you carefully.

Various Courses

71,500 yen (tax included)
What’s included 55 subjects included
Full body check
Additional fee will not be charged if you want to change to a gastroscopy
Cancer check in full body
Although there are many subjects, we will try to save your waiting time by introducing you first
Inspection item list
Recommended to ・People who want to take a thorough medical checkup
・People with family members who have suffered from cancer
・People who want to take a comprehensive examination including their lifestyle and cancer check.
・People who always feel tired and are starting to feel subjective symptoms
・People who are over 40 years old
44,000 yen (tax included)
What’s included Upper Gastrointestinal (UGI) Series
Subjects which differ from male to female
Reservation one day before the examination is possible by telephone
Inspection item list
Recommended to ・People who feel uneasy about gastroscopy
・People who are over 35 years old
・People who are undergoing obvious changes in weight and starting to worry about lifestyle related diseases
・People who are receiving a medical checkup for the first time
・It’s the best plan for those who haven’t received a medical checkup for several years
ABC (Stomach cancer risk examination)
35,750 yen (tax included)
What’s included It’s a medical examination that you can receive in the afternoon and it will only take a short time
Checking the conditions of your stomach by blood test
Subjects which differ from male to female
It’s an economic plan with a fee of about 30,000 yen
Inspection item list
Recommended to ・People who are busy
・People who have unregular lifestyle and eat out a lot
・People who are a regular drinker/smoker
・People who are aged from 20 to 35