Option Fee List

Ophthalmological Examination
Eye fundus examination (both eyes) ¥3,240
Tonometry (both eyes) ¥1,080
Circulatory Examination
Twelve-lead resting ECG ¥1,620
Brain Examination
CT brain ※(Ochanomizu Surugadai Clinic) ¥41,040
Bone Density
Bone density (MD method) ¥3,240
Respiratory Examination
Chest X-ray (one direction) ¥1,620
Chest X-ray (two directions) ¥2,700
Lung function test ¥3,240
Sputum (a kit will be sent to you in advance) ¥3,240
Digestive System Examination
Abdominal X-ray (14 pages) ¥12,960
Gastrofiberscope (oral administration) ¥16,200
Helicobacter pylori ¥3,240
ABC classification ¥4,860
Abdominal ultrasonography ¥5,400
Fecal occult blood test ¥1,080
Blood Test
1. Thyroid Gland
Thyroid gland (TSH/FT3/FT4) ¥5,400
2. Liver Function
Hepatitis set (HBs antigen ・HBs antibody・HCV antibody) ¥4,320
Hepatitis A (HA antibody) ¥5,400
3. Immunity to Infectious Diseases
Syphilis (TPHA・RPR) ¥2,160
HIV ¥5,400
Infectious disease set (Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, syphilis) ¥5,400
4. Tumor Marker
PSA(prostate cancer) ¥2,700
CA125(ovarian cancer, uterus cancer) ¥2,700
CEA(digestive system cancer) ¥2,700
CA19-9(pancreas cancer, gallbladder cancer, endometriosis) ¥2,700
AFP(liver cancer, hepatitis) ¥2,700
SCC antigen(lung・uterus・esophagus and other squamous cell carcinoma) ¥2,700
SLX(lung・digestive system・breast・ovaria and other glandular cancer) ¥2,700
CYFRA (lung cancer) ¥2,700
5. Blood Type
Blood type (ABO, Rh) ¥2,160
6. Allergy
Allergy test ¥1,080
Gynocological Examination
Cervex cancer test (treated by a female doctor) ¥5,940
Clinical breast examination ¥1,080
Mammary ultrasonography (by female staff) ¥4,860
Mammography (one direction) (by female staff) ¥5,400
Mammography (two directions) (by female staff) ¥5,940
Dental Examination
CavityCavity ¥0
Calculus, gingivitis and periodontitis.
Whether you are brushing your teeth properly